Status Quo

by Ophan

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Tracks 5 and 6 of our first album. Instrumental


Pour me in the mold of man,
glass walls that trap intent,
and guide me with the current,
like water in a river
trapped by the riverbed

Ominous rumblings of discontent.
Umbilical prison, cord strangulation
Restless dwelling in the lie in search for freedom
Onward forever we walk our path
Bent in this shape, in despair
Obsolete- the means we hunt the absolute
Reaching for clarity, trough this
Organic web of self depravation
Search for salvation, still we are serving the cycle.

Deaf to the inner voices screaming
Embracing the construct of lies
Malignantly merging.
assembled incompatible pieces
Splendid, obedient device.
Trigger the noise, litter the silence
Enforcing obedience trough nourishment of the ego
Singular outcome in absence of doubt

Lack of alternatives strips us
from the burden of choice.
Shiver powerless to disobey
we crawl, we pray and we bow
bend in the shape of the mold
near Procrustes’s fire.

Sifted through our human form
Deaf to the inner voices screaming
Harden shell of perception.
Luminosity glooming,
through veil of submission
Introverted stare at the shadow- self, terrified
Petrifaction of the will, paralyzed

We pray to the chains and worship the tyranny

Freedom stripped away.
Blind critics of Phosphene art.
The tunnel vision of dogma.
Falling back into patterns
Enslaved by repetition
insect of the human swarm.
Biomechanical apparatus, subdued, obedient.
Faceless pawn, obey as the Hive commands
We seek, and kill
We love, and mate
So we dig
So we pour
the concrete
of submission ,
Ignorant to the heat we can not feel.
We fight, and die … smiling.
Serving the cycle.

The burden of choice lifted
Assembled incompatible pieces
Freedom stripped away
With patterns of behavior
Implied by figures of authority

Scared, cracked fundament, weak for the construct of lies
Reflect as I realize
gaze, sharper, what's pouring from me.
I’m the wave, I’m the sea
Naked in the core of a star
I see the wind, taste the shape
I touch the light, hear the red in the fire.


released June 24, 2013
CG, Ophan



all rights reserved


Ophan Sofia, Bulgaria

Ophan is a conceptual, experimental math metal band from Sofia, Bulgaria.

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